Pinterest Marketing Checklist

Pinterest has become a major player in the social media universe. With over 150 million active monthly users as of early 2017 and growing rapidly, the visual content-based Pinterest provides entrepreneurs, bloggers and businesses large and small with a global reach. Veteran “pinners” and Pinterest newbies can both benefit from the following smart marketing tips proven to boost the results of your Pinterest marketing efforts.

A Pinterest Marketing Guide

A Pinterest Marketing Guide

In late 2016, social media site Pinterest hit the 150 million monthly user mark. The site which calls itself “The Digital Catalog of Ideas” says that at the close of 2016, the site was attracting 75% of its new users from outside the United States. What has predominantly been a female demographic has seen an influx of new male members, and in the United States, 31 out of every 100 people online use Pinterest.

The site is visited each week by roughly 3 out of every 10 Pinterest account holders, with an additional 25% of users logging on daily. Appealing to men and women, as well as US and global web surfers, Pinterest has rapidly become a social media presence worthy of your attention if you operate a blog or website, or have any type of business presence online or off.

When you build a presence on Pinterest you expand your overall social media exposure as well. From 36% to 54% of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram users visit Pinterest regularly. You may have noticed Pinterest showing up more frequently the last couple of years in Google search results. This is no accident. Google, the world’s largest search engine by far, has noticed the massive growth that Pinterest has enjoyed recently.

Accordingly, Google is paying more attention to Pinterest, which means you can boost your search engine rankings and enjoy free, targeted traffic by hopping on board this social media Goliath.

Instagram Ads Basics

Instagram Ads Basics

Most of the successful businesses today are leveraging the advantages of social media as a marketing strategy due to the increasing popularity of visual content.

Social media marketing has become an important asset that helps brands create their presence in the online market.

With the different social media platforms today, it is now easier to communicate visually with customers, followers, and fans.

One of the most popular and widely used social media platforms today is Instagram.

How Facebook Groups Can Rapidly Grow Your Brand & Business

How Facebook Groups Can Rapidly Grow Your Brand & Business

The benefits of Facebook groups for building your online business, blog and brand are plentiful. You have total control of the flow of information and communication. Facebook groups are great to generate leads, build your email list and eventually sell your products and services. You have access to a free polling and survey tool which can help you understand exactly what is on the minds of your group members.

With 1.78 billion active monthly members on Facebook (Q3 2016), there is a very real potential for staggering and life-changing growth and business success. In 2016 Facebook added an option to develop a Facebook group specifically for buying and selling. More than 80% of all of Facebook users log in from their mobile devices, so they take your Facebook group with them wherever they go.

10 Quick Social Media Marketing Tips

Most social media marketing campaigns are primarily designed to help gain more social following, increase product/brand visibility or drive traffic to a website. Here are quick must-know tips you should consider when rolling out your next social media campaign.

1. Reserve your username across all platforms

How To Start Using Facebook Live To Engage Your Audience


Brands and publishers alike have started experimenting with Facebook Live, as a means of providing their audience, a platform to interact and engage in real time. A video can enhance your Facebook reach, while taking less time to post, than creating a write-up. So if you are still wondering how you can start using Facebook live to engage your audience, here is how to go about it.

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