Podcasting can be a great way of promoting your business, regardless of what you’re trying to sell or make money from. You may not even have a business, but want to use podcasting and video sharing as a method of earning some extra cash. However, many people have fears and reservations when it comes to podcasting, so here are some of the most common ones you might be feeling and how you can overcome them.

Fear: I don’t like cameras or the sound of my voice

One of the reasons many people don’t bother with podcasts is because they simply don’t have the confidence required to make videos or audio recordings. This could be due to bad experiences they have had in the past, or it could just be a lack of self-confidence.

How to overcome it:

You can try to overcome this fear by making some small videos just for yourself to watch. Watch them with a critical eye and think about the things you don’t like. Make another video attempting to change these things. Make a list of the things you did like about the video in order to create a more positive side. Ask a close friend to take a look and tell you what they think. If you’re really struggling, you can always hire somebody else to talk or act in your podcast.

Fear: My podcast might not get much attention

With anything you post on the internet, there’s always the risk that it won’t get a lot of attention and will be a bit of a flop.

How to overcome it:

Try to put this fear to the back of your mind or get rid of it completely. Anything you do online or offline can be a bit risky, but sometimes it’s a risk you have to take. Remember that you can always try again if your first podcast doesn’t work, but a lot of it is about how much and how well you market it.

Fear: Nobody will listen to what I have to say

Lots of people don’t say what they want to say because they worry other people won’t bother listening to it.

How to overcome it:

Come up with some valuable and important things to say. Share them with your friends before you create a podcast – this will help you to see what people’s opinions towards it are like. People you know may be biased, so talk to your close friends about your idea for podcasting it. Promote your podcast as much as possible to reach a wider audience.

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