When creating a podcast, the most difficult thing for most people is coming up with a good idea to podcast about on a consistent schedule. You can have a great voice, lots of followers and listeners and bags of confidence, but without the content to accompany it, your podcasts will fail.

Ways to come up with great podcast content ideas

In order to come up with good ideas for your next podcasts, you need to start thinking about the type of things that you want to talk about. It should be something which interests you, but there are many different ideas that you can use.

  1. Talk about a personal story or experience. If you’re making a video podcast, do something daring such as a bungee jump or skydive and record the whole experience.
  2. Read the news and podcast about controversial topics which are popular right now. Use your own opinion to either promote your political viewpoints or back up your arguments.
  3. Interview your friends, family or local celebrities in your podcast. Bringing somebody else into the mix, even if it’s not anybody famous, can make your videos and audio recordings more interesting.
  4. Create some useful how-to guides on topics and tasks which people generally find difficult or boring. Losing weight, redecorating a house or keeping children occupied at the weekends, for example.
  5. Look around you when you go out – did something funny or unusual happen that you can talk about? Can you relate something that happened back to the niche of your podcast?
  6. Watch a new movie at the cinema or go to your local theatre to watch a play. You can then use this to create a podcast reviewing what you have seen in the last month.

Why should you plan your content?

Without a solid plan for your next podcast, it’s difficult to stay on track. You don’t want your listeners to lose interest half way through the podcast, and since you will be creating a series of videos or recordings, the most important thing is that people come back for the next one.

Planning the podcast will also save you lots of time, and rather than panicking and wondering what you can talk about next or how you’re going to wrap it up and conclude, you’ll have a plan written out that you can follow.


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