Nobody likes to read reams and reams of endless black text on a website. No matter how useful the content is, if you post a massive chunk that looks boring, you won’t get many readers. The eye isn’t drawn to large chunks of text in the same color and font, which is why it’s so important to vary the type of content you post when promoting your business.

  1. Interactive content

People love interacting with things online. Not only is it more interesting for them, but it encourages them to stay on your blog for longer, which drives up your revenue and enhances the reputation of your website, thus causing it to rank higher in the search engines. Quizzes and surveys are a great form of interactive content, and this can help you to improve your website too. Games are another way of getting your visitors to interact on your blog, although these are harder to develop and don’t always fit into every niche.

  1. Humor and illustrations or comics

This type of content can be created for any type of blog, and it’s a great way of providing something that has real personality and is totally unique to your site. Of course, it does depend on your niche, but why not experiment? Variety is the main thing that keeps people interested in a blog, so you may not want to post this type of content all the time, but including it every now and then will help your website along.

  1. Video

There are many ways to make videos, so if you’re camera-shy, it doesn’t mean you have to stand in front of a camera and make a 10-minute video of yourself talking about your business or its products. You can either ask somebody else to take part in creating the video with you, or create it using just text, images and a voice-over. Using outsourcing websites, you can find people who are able to provide the service you need. This might cost you a portion of your advertising and content budget, but videos are one of the top ways to bring in more traffic and keep people on your site for longer.

  1. Social media and user-generated content

Having a live feed of comments people are making could encourage people to visit your site more often and get involved. Posting the reviews people have given about your blog will also create good quality content that people are interested in reading. You could even invite some of your regular readers to be interviewed for your next blog post.

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