Video Marketing simply means the action of making a promotional video of your product and services and marketing it by submitting the video on multiple video sharing sites.

Video marketing is a new and ideal way of product promotion to increase traffic on your website. This type of marketing is becoming popular and highly effective when you do it right, it will also help you in creating a large and interested audience.

Videos are generally used by Internet marketers to sell their products and services using a video explanation of a product. Internet marketers include usable data in video for user engagement to optimize the sales funnel.

Videos are generally used by Businesses to build brand awareness of their companies and products. These videos are mostly about entertainment to increase customer interest in their brand with less focus on selling the actual product.

People like to purchase things when they watch an online video of that product instead of reading the reviews and specifications, which means you can utilize the power of video to convert your interested audience in sales a lot more.

Small businesses are quickly discovering the effectiveness of video marketing as a marketing tool.  YouTube is leading the way to online video viewing and the amount of web traffic to their site is only expected to increase in the future.  It’s safe to say that video advertising is here to stay.

There is really no better way to build a strong, personal connection with your prospective customer base.  Videos help increase knowledge about your products, establish you as an authority in your industry, and help build trust amount prospects and clients alike. If you are looking to enhance your online visibility and get a leg up on the competition, these tips will help set you on the right path.

Video Marketing-Getting Started

Your overall marketing strategy will help you determine the best way to approach your video advertising campaign.  Be sure to set specific goals as well as a way to determine the success of your efforts.  A good place to start is by adding a video to your homepage.  This video should be used to welcome viewers and give a short introduction to your company and services.  Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so be sure to take the time to make an effective video.

Next, you should focus on your about me page, and don’t let the name fool you… it should really be about them!  Discuss the benefits customers receive for choosing your services or products.  Focus on your viewer and tell them what you can do for them to solve the problems that he or she is currently facing.  Keep it short and to the point.

Tutorial Series

Another popular use of video marketing is to create a tutorial series to showcase your expertise.  Create a short series of about 90 second videos and share your best tips and techniques.  Post these videos on your YouTube account or even your own website.  This is a quick an easy way to establish trust and credibility with your target market.

Interacting With Your Customers

With so much video content online today, it is important to keep your video marketing campaign engaging and compelling.  The best way to set yourself apart is to stick to relevant topics and keep a fun and entertaining tone.

Showing yourself on camera creates a personal connection with your viewers and is one of the best tactics for showing off your services and know-how.  You can also use off-camera screen casting for instructional videos or product demos

Kinds of Videos for Marketing Purposes

Video is a captivating medium. Videos are inherently used to keep a customer engaged, generate awareness and create a mental picture of a product.

As a result, video has become a standard medium for communication and marketing activities.

Image manipulation has been made easier, thus facilitating marketing. So demonstrating the use of products has been made easier.

Remember that seeing is more engaging than hearing. Below are some of the types of videos for marketing purposes.

Video Pal: is a special kind of video that plays not within a normal video player but is placed anywhere you wish on your web site. It is normally a person talking to the visitor to increase engagement or conversion site’s. You may see am example here…

Animated Video: You can use video creation sites like and to create motion graphic videos. You will be able to reach many people through the animations. On the other hand, if you want to have high-end motion graphics you can use Adobe AfterEffects. It will give you perfect animations.

Video E-mail: This is a great way to engage and connect with your prospective customer and colleagues. You can simply record a video through your webcam and free websites which include and This makes you stand out and pass message effectively to the customer instead of using the traditional emails.

Customer Testimonial Video: Testimonials enable customers to tell stories in their own voice. They give their experience on the usage of a product. This creates a much more powerful resource for marketing. You can use the Brainshark tool to put the presentation together. You can use them in your sales or website page where many prospective customers will view it.

Launch Series: They come in a series of videos. They have heavy content that should grab the attention of prospective customers. Their main aim is to establish credibility before releasing the final video of the series.

Webinar Video: You can also have Webinar Video. You record it using or Instant Teleseminar. The video illustrates the products you sale and where to locate your company. You can post it on your web page or YouTube.

Video PowerPoint: This is a commonly used video presentation tool especially for seminars. It is powerful because it allows incorporation of music and narration. You can use this as a marketing tool especially during product promotion.

First Impression Video: This video gives a direct appeal about a product. You can use it as the first video in your homepage. It is used perfectly for personal and promotional videos. You can use it to advertise your business.

Interview Videos: You can use Skype or Google hangouts to create interview videos. The interview can focus on two people – that is, the interviewee and interviewer – or can be in the ‘news style’ format. News style is where you are the interviewee on a subject on camera with an interviewer off camera.

Video Tips Series: This is one of the most popular video genres. It is ideal for improving your SEO and also establishing your presence on YouTube. They are a huge help in building your credibility and showing that you are an expert in your specialization or niche.

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