Segment your contact list

Listing subscribers on different lists according to age, location and preferences helps you communicate with them moreeffectively, and thus increases the possibility of being read.

Plan and set specific goals

Prepare a calendar with the tasks to be done. It’s best to set a clear goal and follow a good plan to achieve it.

Use highly effective tools

Using a good professional email marketing tool helps you make the job easier, because it includes pre-designed templates and lets you track the results of each action.

Test as much as possible

Send tests to different e-mail providers and check if the message is being seen correctly, because each e-mail provider has a different way of displaying content.


Don’t buy contact lists

None of the people in that list have given you permission to send them emails, so they won’t open them and your emails could bemarked as spam.

Don’t send emails just to sell

The main goal of email marketing is to build a relationship of trustwith subscribers to become buyers, so don’t just send them sales

Don’t use a personal email account

If you do this, you’re not showing professionalism to the person to whom you want to sell your products.

Don’t write a misleading email subject

If the subject has nothing to do with the message, it will surely be erased and give you a bad reputation.

Don’t lose contact with subscribers

Maintain a constant relationship with subscribers, offer them content of value that keeps them interested, always expecting more and make them loyal.

Instapage is a tool to simply create landing pages in a few minutes with a professional appearance.

Some of its features include:

  • A/B Testing
  • Customizable
  • Integration with autoresponder
  • Integration with Google
  • Works with
  • Mobile
  • Works in the

Its Prices are: Basic: $29/month, Professional $55/month, and Premium


Unbounce is a tool for making and testing landing pages to increase your sales if you have no design knowledge.

Some of its features include:

  • It’s simple to use
  • Mobile
  • Publish to any
  • Video Widgets &
  • Customize with drag and
  • Works with
  • Integrates with

Its Prices are: Essential: $79/month, Premium $159/month, and Enterprise


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