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SEO Friendly Pinterest Tips

Pinterest can be used for a number of business building goals. You can use it to drive traffic. You can use Pinterest to build awareness of your brand and business. You can also use it to sell products or services or to build a strong community. Many people don’t realize that Pinterest is also an SEO friendly site. Here are a few SEO friendly Pinterest tips to help you make the most of this newest social site and marketing tool.

#1 Your Board Title

On Pinterest users create boards. They give them names like “My Style” or “Dream Home.” These titles are headings and use the same code as an H3 header. That means that search engines look at that code for keywords. You can capitalize on this by including your keywords in the title of your boards.

#2 Link To Your Website or Blog

When you’re building your profile you can include a website. Including a link to your website creates a button under your picture or business logo in your profile. It’s a “Dofollow” link that helps fellow pinners find your site. You can also link to your Twitter and Facebook profiles.

#3 Your Name

People search Pinterest by keywords, names and categories. Add your name or your business name (whichever people are most likely to search for) as your public username. This helps users find you and it helps build continuity across multiple social sites.

#4 Pin Images From Your Site

Now this tactic cannot be used endlessly because Pinterest is a social sharing site. However, when you do add pins from your site make sure you add them via the bookmarklet or upload them with the Add+ “Add a Pin” tool. This includes a link to your site along with the image.

#5 Include Keywords In Your Description

Finally, the description of your pins offers you a valuable opportunity to include keywords. Make sure any pin you add from your own blog or website has a clear and informative description. Hashtags are another way to capitalize on Pinterest. Add a #hashtag to your descriptions to help them be more search friendly on Twitter.

As you’re interacting on Pinterest simply ask yourself, “How can I make this pin, board, or even comment more search friendly?” Often the answer is simple; add a keyword, add a hashtag and be descriptive.

Use hashtags. Pinterest recognizes hashtags. By using hashtags in your descriptions, you make the pin Twitter friendly and easier to share across platforms.

Share your blog posts. Part of making a blog post more visible online is adding a great photograph or graphic. If you’re not already doing this, now is the time to start. Images can be pinned from anywhere on the Web, and they will lead back to the source of the image. Be careful, though – Pinterest may have legal protection if you upload an image that doesn’t belong to you, but you don’t have that protection. Always include source credit in your pin.

5 Marketing Tips for Pinterest

Once you’ve created your profile on Pinterest, there are some simple things you can do get the most out of the network for increased brand exposure, traffic generation, and even online reputation management.

SEO 101 for Pinterest

I always love to check out the on-site search engine optimization possibilities with social networks. Some networks (like Google+), use particular parts of your profile as your profile page’s SEO elements (title, meta description, keywords, etc.). On your Pinterest profile, the on-site SEO elements are as marked.

This means that the name you put in your Pinterest profile is most likely to come up in search, and any additional keyword optimization for your profile will come from the names of your boards. And don’t miss out adding a link to your website on your profile, along with links to your Twitter and Facebook.

The following are the on-site SEO elements for your pins.

So far, the source URL for pins are dofollow, so the more pins you receive of images on your website, the better the link juice and traffic from Pinterest. Also note that whatever you enter as a description for your pin will also become the image ALT tag for the image you pin.

See Who is Pinning Your Images

If someone has pinned something from your website, you can find it by going to the following URL – just replace with your domain.

You should do this for a number of reasons, including the following:

        • See what images do the best from your website. A quick perusal of the images shared from the KISSmetrics blog shows that infographics are a hit!
        • Thank those that have pinned your images. This is great for boosting brand loyalty as people love to be recognized by the people and brands they love.
        • Look out for online reputation management issues. This pin of a product from complains about the cooling system. To top it off, it’s pinned on a board called “Products I Hate” which makes it the equivalent of a bad review on any other social site.

See How Other Brands Use Pinterest

If you’re not sure how to use your Pinterest profile, check out other brands who are using Pinterest. This user has compiled almost 400 brands on Pinterest. Scroll through to see a brand like yours, then check out their profile to see how they use the network.

Always Use Images on Your Website

If you don’t already, be sure that every page possible on your website and every post on your blog includes at least one image. One of the comments I received about my latest post, The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging, was from Tom Treanor. He said…

By the way, I just pinned it to Pinterest, my current favorite curation tool. I’m glad you included a picture so that would work.

So be sure to include at least one image, preferably something people will find appealing or informative so they can add your content to their pin boards on Pinterest. This will increase the likelihood that you will receive traffic from Pinterest.

Teach Your Visitors How to Use Pinterest

If you want visitors to pin your images, you might want to start with teaching your visitors how to use Pinterest. It doesn’t have to be anything complex – just a simple visual guide (maybe as a blog post) on how users can sign up for Pinterest, add the Pin It button to their browser’s bookmarks toolbar, and add a pin from your website. The more users you can turn on to pinning your images, the more images you can have discovered on Pinterest.

Track Your Pinterest Traffic

Just like you would with any other social network you invest time in, you should track your Pinterest traffic in Google Analytics. If you use advanced segments to find out which online marketing strategy drives the best traffic, then add to your social media segment. This way, you can see your Google Analytics data based on all social networking referrals, including Pinterest.

Look your social media referrers with your goal completions to find out if the traffic you are receiving from Pinterest, or any other network, is actually valuable for your website and your bottom line.

Are you using Pinterest for your business? What other tips would you suggest for anyone trying to get the most out of Pinterest?

Source: -  About the Author: Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Kikolani focuses on blog marketing for personal, professional, and business bloggers. You can follow her on Twitter, and Facebook.

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