Pinterest has become a major player in the social media universe. With over 150 million active monthly users as of early 2017 and growing rapidly, the visual content-based Pinterest provides entrepreneurs, bloggers and businesses large and small with a global reach. Veteran “pinners” and Pinterest newbies can both benefit from the following smart marketing tips proven to boost the results of your Pinterest marketing efforts.

  • Active Pinterest users also spend time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Build a presence on Pinterest and you grow your reach over the entire social media network.
  • Integrate your Pinterest profile with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. When you do, every piece of content you pin is auto-posted to those two social media sites instantly.
  • Download the “Pin It” bookmarklet to all your internet-enabled devices. This move makes it one-click easy to pin any content you discover on the web.
  • Opening a business account on Pinterest as opposed to a personal account provides several advantages. Pinterest provides analytics to the business owner, buy buttons on pins, and other helpful business tools.
  • Newbies should open a personal Pinterest account first. Get to know how the site works, then when you are comfortable with the pinning process, switch to a business account for the benefits mentioned in the last marketing tip.
  • Include keywords and phrases you want your business found for in your profile, bio, “About” section and in board titles and pin descriptions. This helps your search engine rankings on Google and Pinterest for those search terms.
  • Set your profile’s search privacy to “No”. This will keep Pinterest from hiding your boards and pins, and will ensure that the search engines can find the content you pin.
  • Include a happy, smiling, professional photo of yourself in your profile. Pinterest is a social site, and people want to attach a face to your profile and pins.
  • Confirming you are the owner of your site or blog is important. This is a slightly technical process, explained here
  • If the process of confirming your site is too technical for you, head to Freelancers there will handle this task for you for only $5.
  • Add the URL for your site under the “Settings” tab of your profile. This creates a hyperlink to your web property, and can provide free traffic from interested individuals.
  • Make sure to click “Save Profile” after creating or editing your profile, or any changes made will be lost.
  • Every time you create a new board, you van make it private or public. Private boards are only seen by you, and public boards are visible to Pinterest users and web search engines.
  • Only pin content relevant to your business niche or topic. This lets search engines know what your business and Pinterest profile are all about.
  • You should pin all of your own content. However, you need to be pinning content relevant to your business that was created by others as well.
  • com helps you connect with the most powerful Pinterest influencers. This is a simple and quick way to build your Pinterest presence, grow your brand and increase your followers and traffic.
  • Pin between 2 and 4 PM and at nighttime on weekdays. This is when Pinterest has the highest traffic volume.
  • Pinstamatic, Pablo and Canva are free resources that help you make Pinterest-friendly images.
  • Group boards provide a great way to increase your Pinterest followers, and to build traffic to your site. You can search for group boards manually, or let automate the process for you.
  • Viral tag, TailWind, BoardBooster, Buffer, ViralWoot and Pinvolve are excellent resources for automating the pinning process.
  • Pinterest has created a “Best Practice Guide” to help you maximize your Pinterest marketing experience. Download the free PDF at the following link

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