In this final chapter of the post series, we are going to discuss some strategies for overcoming barriers to your success. No matter who you are, and no matter what your life, family, friends, financial situation or health is like, you are going to face obstacles. It’s just a set-in-stone fact of vying for success. Everyone encounters obstacles, but it is how you overcome them that determine what sort of success you achieve.

Identifying Barriers to Success

When it comes to overcoming barriers to success, you first have to identify them. Obstacles can come from different parts of your life and often, you create them yourself. Some of that has already been discussed and resolved here, with the program laid out in this post, but there are still going to be other obstacles that you have to deal with.

Let’s go over the eight most common obstacles to success, including a strategy for overcoming that particular barrier, so that you can stay on track and actually get your habits to stick, no matter what comes at you.

Barrier 1: Your Confidence

The first barrier that we are going to discuss is your confidence. Unfortunately, this is something that you are going to have to cultivate on your own. This program will give you the tools that you need to achieve just about any goal or develop any habit, but if you don’t have confidence in yourself to succeed, you are going to find it very hard to keep going.

Barrier 2: Your Motivation

Your motivation is a big factor as well. This program has tried to show you how to motivate yourself as much as possible using 12-month goals. These goals should be something that you really want in your life, not something that someone else wants for you. Your goals need to motivate you and keep you going when you feel like quitting.

Barrier 3: Your Plan

Again, the lack of a plan can be a major barrier to success. But this entire post series is your plan, from the 12-month goals that you set, to the very habits that you practice and work on every day in order to get to those goals.

Barrier 4: The Naysayers

You are going to have people in your life telling you that you are bound to fail. Some of these people may even be loved ones or friends. Others will be jealous co-workers or others that you cross paths with. Don’t listen to the naysayers. They have nothing meaningful to share with you and often, the only reason that they are trying to prevent you from being successful is because misery loves company.

Barrier 5: Financial Obstacles

This can be a major barrier for certain goals. For example, if you want to start a business but you have no money, no credit, no collateral and no prospects, you are going to have more of a challenge than someone who has those things. But nothing is impossible and if you want to success, you need to do some research and find a way to overcome.

Barrier 6: Health-Related Obstacles

Sometimes, your health can turn down a bad road and it can be difficult to continue working on your goals in the face of a heart condition, a disease like diabetes, or even obesity, which can make it difficult to move around.

The only advice here is that whether your health issues stop you from achieving your goals will depend entirely upon how much you want to achieve them.

Barrier 7: Personal Tragedy or Difficult Circumstances

Again, one of the things that often stop a person in their tracks while they are attempting to be successful is personal circumstances. A tragedy in your life or difficult circumstances beyond your control can be challenging and you will have to decide if you want to continue working towards success.

Barrier 8: Well-Meaning Friends & Family

Sometimes, your family and friends will become obstacles even when they have the best intentions in mind. Have you heard the cliché about the mother who wants to show her son how much she cares after she sees him suffering all day exercising and trying to eat right to lose weight so she prepares him a huge meal?

Sometimes, family and friends will think they are helping when they are actually becoming obstacles and you will simply have to let them know that they aren’t helping.

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