When you start an online business, there will be many obstacles that you’ll face. Some are easy to overcome, while others feel more daunting. For you, it may be the technical aspect – or the sheer lack of time to meet the demands of creating your presence online.

That’s where Private Label Rights (PLR) can come to the rescue. PLR is content in the form of text or video that has been created by someone and is then sold for a low price to multiple buyers.

Unlike a ghostwriter, who provides content to only one customer (but at a much higher price), PLR is affordable because many people can own it. Each owner gets a license and has the ability to edit the content, put their name on it, and use it online.

Each PLR seller has different rules, so you’ll need to abide by those, but most have lax rules where you can use it just about any way you wish. How can it fast track your success?

First, it helps you when you’re crunched for time with your blog. Googlebots and other search bots continually crawl your site seeing if there’s anything fresh for readers to consume.

The more often you post, the better it is for your blog. You can use PLR articles and edit them to have your voice. You can also add or delete any information you feel needs to be altered for the piece.

It makes the process much faster. The same goes for email autoresponders. If you email out a few days to daily to your subscribers, you’ll want to send them something chock full of value.

Download PLR content and provide tips directly to their email inbox. You can even add product recommendations to the mix and make affiliate commissions or sales to your own products using PLR.

Speaking of products, did you know PLR can be sold as a product of your own? You usually can’t sell it with PLR rights, but you can turn a PLR eBook into a PDF and sell it for your subscribers to read.

Even if you’re not using the PLR to put a Buy Button up, you can still turn it into a report and use it as a free gift for your subscribers or pair it with a product as an unexpected bonus file.

PLR helps eliminates the tedious work of brainstorming, researching and crafting all of the content you need for blogs, emails, social networking groups, products, gifts and more.

As long as you find reputable sources for the content, you’re going to fall in love with how much time it frees up for you to work on other, more pressing areas of your business.

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