A sales funnel is an ongoing process where you move a prospect through a series of communications that hopes to build interest, peaking in a best case scenario with a purchase. FunnelWebClass.com and Zoho.com are two companies that will handle every aspect of the sales funnel creation process for you. There are also individual marketing pros and freelancers that can make this process simple. No matter whether you handle the job yourself or pay a professional to do it, you may be asking yourself the following question …

“How many levels should my sales funnel have?”

A basic sales funnel starts with a lead generation process. This could be a simple email opt-in page where people that join your list or newsletter receive a free report, product or service in return. You then send those subscribers a series of emails, eventually making one or more product offers that you hope will end in a sale. You have one main product, and if you make a sale, your job is done.

You’ve done a lot of hard work to develop leads, so doesn’t it make sense to have several levels in your sales funnel, offering products and services a multiple number of times?

At every level of a sales funnel an offer is made. At the top of the funnel, you are offering a free product in return for getting a prospect’s contact information. Then you begin marketing, following up with emails, telemarketing efforts, direct marketing or other attempts to make a sale. A single level sales funnel means after a purchase is made, you are through marketing to that buyer.

This is leaving money on the table, and not servicing your buyers correctly.

You should have multiple offers that complement each other. When you buy a car, the salesman doesn’t simply hand you the keys and then disappear. You are offered extended warranties, upgrades like upholstery and wheel options. Every few months the salesperson will contact you, ask you if you’re happy with your purchase, and let you know about a discount or sale going on.

You will be approached with opportunities to trade in your vehicle in the future, and the sales process goes on and on. For a lot of reasons, it makes sense to market to someone who was already purchased one of your products, rather than try to convince new people to buy your services.

There is no “secret number” of sales funnel levels. Each business, product and service is different. Just make sure you are constantly offering your prospects and customers opportunities to enhance their lives with future purchases. Your current customers will be happy as long as you continue to provide real value, and it is easier to convince a previous purchaser to spend money with you than it is a new prospect at the top of your sales funnel.

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