An Introduction to SEO

An Introduction to SEO

Now it’s time to look at one of the biggest pillars of internet marketing of all: SEO.
SEO is ‘Search Engine Marketing’ and this basically means that you’re trying to get your website to show up in search results. Of course, you’re not going to be able to show up high in every search result and so this is where keywords and targeting come in.
A keyword is essentially a word or a phrase that people are going to search in order to find your site. When people go shopping online, they will almost always start with Google. And when they start with Google, they will begin by searching for the thing they want. Very often, this will mean that they search for something like ‘Buy Hats Online’.

Linkedin Ads: Creating Text Ads – Step by Step

Creating a LinkedIn Text Ad – Step by Step
Congratulations for staying with us this far! In this chapter you will learn the basics of creating your first text ad like you did it every day.

Before creating your first text ad or any type of ad on LinkedIn, you will first need to create an advertising account.

Head over to the top menu while logged in on LinkedIn and place your pointer on the “business services” tab.

Now click on “advertise” and then on the “manage ads” button. Enter your login information and click on “sign in”. You will be taken to your “campaign manager”.

Here you will be able to see your ads, your campaigns and your advertising accounts.

How To Check Your Website Backlinks

How To Check Your Website Backlinks

hi guys welcome to a special video on how to check backlinks for your website now one of the important things for your website is you have to know where the traffic is coming from and how many websites link to your website now I’m just going

How to Naturally Include Keywords in Your Online Writing

Fortunately, the Wild West atmosphere which one governed keyword usage online is dead and buried. Sadly, a piece of content only needed massive keyword density to rank high in the search engines. The content was extremely low quality, so Google and the other search engines changed the way their search algorithms work.

The ridiculous keyword density of 8% and 10% is a thing of the past. (Keyword density means how often a particular word or phrase is used for every 100 words. An 8% keyword density for the phrase “dog training” meant that dog training was mentioned 8 times in every 100 words. Ouch!)

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