A good email marketing strategy is more than just sending emails to get new customers.Smart companies are using automatic email marketing campaigns. These are sent at the right time and to the right people, which gets more people to open.

A good email marketing strategy should allow you to do your marketing tasks automatically. That way, your campaigns are working all the time, and thus make more money.

Why automate your campaigns?

Email marketing automation is a process in which software can manage the segmentation of emails and handle different tasks to maintain a good relationship with subscribers, so they can become customers.

When you automate the processes of email marketing, you can achieve better results and increase sales, all while saving time and money.


How can email marketing automation improve your business?

It is necessary to nurture the relationship with your customers, so that they can become buyers. With automation, you can collect customer data and learn their actions and interests.

This automation brings benefits to your business, like the following:

You can segment customers according to their actions.

Email marketing automation tools let you learn the actions of users: when they register, when they click on a specific link, when they review a free consultancy, and other actions that will help segment the audience.

You can optimize resources.

It reduces the need for staff to check emails.

You can create different campaigns and activate them at the same time.

You can create several campaigns at the same time and schedule them to be sent according to a specific action of a client.

You can get more high quality customers.

These automated processes make communication with potential customers more efficient, so you can get closer to them, make them trust you and get them to buy your products or services.

The conversion can be analyzed.

Since you can monitor the behavior of subscribers, you can follow conversions automatically, and learn how many readers become buyers.

Automated management helps improve the productivity of your business.

When you use email marketing automation correctly, there will be more conversion, which means more sales and more money.

Email marketing automation tools, their features and benefits Some of the most popular email marketing automation tools are: AWeber.com

AWeber is an email marketing service provider which captures your subscribers’ data by creating a list, so that you can maintain contact with them and convert them into buyers.

  • It’s very easy to use with professional
  • You can segment lists to create smaller
  • You can submit custom
  • It has many subscription
  • It has lots of templates to design
  • Allows the administration of
  • Allows tracking of

GetResponse is a simple platform that makes email advertising easier, allowing you to schedule emails to save time, get closer to your contacts and increase sales.

  • Its handling is
  • It’s a powerful email
  • It has more than 500 templates to design different types of
  • It has more than 1000 images to design different types of
  • It has an image
  • Allows
  • Allows you to schedule
  • It has an
  • You can create landing
  • Has a help
  • Allows integration with social
  • It also allows you to integrate Google

MailChimp is a powerful marketing tool that helps to keep constant contact with subscribers through email campaigns and allows the analysis of results.

  • You can create your own forms with
  • You can Add forms to your
  • Campaigns can be targeted by email
  • You can make custom
  • It has an
  • It allows you to schedule emails and
  • It has default templates for personalizing
  • Users who are unsubscribing can be automatically
  • It gives you the option of integrating Google
  • It gives full campaign reports to measure

Active Campaign is an email marketing tool with which you can track your contacts to create a trustworthy professional relationship with them through emails.

  • Does normal
  • Sends custom emails based on your
  • Analyzes all
  • It’s easy to
  • It has a very complete email
  • Lets you track all

VerticalResponse is a fast, simple and very useful email marketing service that allows you to manage lists, design campaigns and monitor results.

  • It’s simple and easy to
  • Has a variety of custom
  • Allows the creation of corporate
  • It has a capacity of 25MB to store
  • It can be integrated with Google

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