Great Inbox delivery is not only a matter of sending your emails to see who gets them and who does not. Successful email delivery rates depend on a lot of factors that can sometimes escape your knowledge, and that is why we are going to teach you the secrets for achieving great inbox delivery rates!

Including Physical Mailing Address in Emails

Delivery rates depend a lot on qualifying your emails as safe by email spam filters. Including your physical address is a great way to qualify as trustworthy to your audience and their email service providers!

Avoiding Purchased Email Lists

Unless you buy a list of qualified leads who know in advance that they will be getting emails from you, do not use paid email lists. This is because emails coming from unknown sources are deemed as suspicious by people, thus sending them to the spam folder.

Requesting that Subscribers add your Email Address into their Safe List

Don’t be shy. Ask your subscribers to add your email address to their safe list, because newsletters tend to be tagged as Spam as time goes by!

Keeping Subscribers Engaged

Keeping subscribers engaged is the number one secret to keep them opening your emails, which is a successful delivery guarantee for you!

Including Easily Accessible “Unsubscribe” Buttons

A simple, but clearly visible “unsubscribe” button is a great way to build up trust, keep you out of the spam folder and inside the inbox!

Respecting “unsubscribe” Requests

Don’t ever ignore a request from subscribers to unsubscribe. This will not only land you on many email black lists, but it can get you into legal trouble, as well!

Using Recognizable “from” Names

Use a concise “from” name in your emails that you can use for all your emails. Using different “From” names on the same email newsletters can affect your delivery rates!

How to start growing your subscribers list

Create a high converting Website: A high converting website is nothing but a visually appealing website that will make your visitors love your business even if they have not bought anything from you, yet. We recommend using WordPress, because it is easy to use for setting up highly attractive, high converting websites in no time!

Use Optin-forms: Rookie internet marketers conform to using sign up buttons on their websites, but nothing beats optin forms for growing your subscriber lists. Optin forms are sign up forms that offer people the opportunity to get something from you after they subscribe to your mailing lists.

The ideal placements for optin forms are in the Header, at the top right sidebar, in the middle of blog posts, below all blog posts and as pop-ups.

Use search engine optimization to grow your lists: You don’t have to be an SEO expert to successfully implement search engine optimization in your email marketing strategies. You’ll only have to insert the right keywords in the content heavy areas of your website where an optin form is placed.

The ideal placement for SEO keywords are in blog post titles, several times within your content, in your blog post URLs and as meta data, like in your images, file names and descriptions.


Newsletters are informational emails sent by businesses to people subscribed to their mailing lists. These informational emails are used to send people information about promotions, new products and general updates. Up to 90% of people prefer to be updated about businesses through email, so here are some tips for writing results oriented newsletters.


Autoresponders are emails that are sent to people according to certain criteria. These criteria include new subscribers, website visits, purchases and so on.

Autoresponders are a great way to automate your email marketing efforts, and here are a few killer tips to write results oriented Autoresponders.

Start by creating emails that are consistent with your brand and your website

Creating emails that are consistent with your brand’s theme is not complicated. You simply have to add your logo and the feel of your brand all over your emails. This includes the type of images, the content and the color scheme that you use.

You can achieve this consistency in MailZingo by using the “inline editor”, a visual editor for your messages that will give you a nice degree of freedom to customize your emails, allowing you to add your logos, images, links and color scheme.

Likewise, the “drag and drop email builder” on Aweber will give you a lot of options to customize your emails as you wish, giving you the freedom to choose between designing your own emails or using templates to save time!

Don’t forget to make your emails responsive

There are many, many people that prefer to open their emails through their mobile devices. In fact, it has been determined that the percentage of emails opened on desktops is 28%, against a whopping 41% of emails opened on mobile devices.

Whatever the case, it is important to keep the design of your emails organized, focused and responsive. Both MailZingo and Aweber give you an advantage, because both are built with responsive emails in mind. You just have to keep your emails uncluttered!

Try to insert images in all of your emails

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to include images in some of your emails. It is true that your emails have to be as practical with images, as well as without them, but you have to try to include images that make sense in the context of your emails as often as possible.

This is because images help conversion rates on opened emails. It has been found that emails with images have a click through rate 41% higher than emails without them.

Grow your Email List

Use sign-up forms on your websites to gather new subscribers, make them an offer they can’t refuse, don’t ask for much personal information, insert forms on your social media sites, and optimize your landing-page forms, are all ways to use email marketing to generate leads.

Segment your list

When you segment your email list, you can speak more directly with each of your subscribers to give them what they want to receive, and in that process make them buyers.

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