They continue educating themselves on other strategies in an effort to stay ahead of the competition in their niche. Even if they’re doing very well with a particular strategy, they never rest on their laurels – they look to the horizon to see what they may want to get involved in.

They read mindset books even if they already feel confident with their business – because it keeps them from faltering when and if things don’t go as planned. The types of mental stimulation they absorb are books about confidence, happiness, time management, organization and more.

They focus more on helping their audience than they do the financial rewards that will follow. Having a passion for their niche is what sets them apart, and people can tell when you’re only in it for the money.

They work more than they don’t. You might see some marketers saying they only log on for mere seconds when they first wake up – but this is often a misconception about online marketing.

Most of the successful ones are eager to log on and work for a full day (and sometimes night). It’s because they love what they do. You’ll see them working on vacation. It’s often a 7-day a week job.

They see their online business as one part of their lifestyle success. Working from home is a branch of life. The others are family time, health and fitness, and hobbies – for example. Their ultimate goal is to weave their business into their lifestyle so they can enjoy more of what life has to offer.

They do things they’re nervous about in spite of the fear, because the fear of not going through with something makes them more nervous. This is something many unsuccessful don’t realize – you have to be scared about quitting, not scared of following through.

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