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Top Email Marketing Resources


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9FPrwTwIXU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6rfRTnjv2g


http://www.hubspot.com/products/email http://smallbiztrends.com/2014/04/55-email-marketing-tools.html

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X Shocking Email Marketing Case Studies

Shoe Zone

Shoe Zone is a footwear dealer and wholesaler that has more than 500 stores in the UK (United Kingdom) and Ireland, which deals in shoes at modest prices.

The company wanted to extend and prosper from a digital marketing approach to boost their profits and attain their business objectives with more competitive online retail marketing.

Shoe Zone opted for Pure360 services to cultivate and remodel their biweekly email template with the added features of subject lines and layout. Pure360 also encouraged its social media followers to subscribe to Shoe Zone’s newsletter.


The X don’ts you have to avoid

Email marketing is an excellent technique to organize an extensive audience for your products and services, if your email advertising campaign endeavors are working accordingly. Stay focused on your email marketing campaign and eliminate these “don’ts” to build a perfect marketing strategy.

Don’t Purchase email lists

Purchasing an email list can be a time saving approach, but it will surely disturb your brand after some time. It is the one action that you should definitely avoid.

Forcing yourself into people’s inboxes is like encroaching on their space. Instead of disrupting people’s solitude by imposing your brand on them, cultivate your email list instinctively in the correct manner by mailing to opt-in leads only.


The X do’s you have to apply

When using an email mail marketing campaign to enhance your sales, just use these email marketing do’s to improve the overall performance of your campaign.

Use automation to follow up leads

Follow up allows you to set a reminder for the prospect about your product and services which they currently receive. You can save your subscriber data in your database.

Automation emails can include a confirmation mail, cart status to motivate them to complete their purchases, receipts, and promotional emails, etc. These types of follow up emails assist you to shorten the process of purchase.

Within the email you can include graphics of product and a direct link to the particular landing page to close a deal. This is the […]

The Top X Email Marketing Automation Tools

Email marketing assists you in your business growth, if done in the correct way. Here we will discuss some Email Marketing Automation Tools. You can opt for the right automation tool that will fulfill your email marketing campaign requirements.


MailChimp is the best email marketing auto responder tool for beginners and experienced marketers to manage your leads. MailChimp offers a lot of ample plans such as free and priced plans according to your budget.


Why should you definitely use Email Marketing for your business?

Amazing Benefits Low Cost

Cost effectiveness is one of the most evident benefits. Email marketing can be done at a lower cost as compared to prevailing marketing tactics.

Email Marketing permits you to decrease the expense of evaluation, architecture, implementation, and published newsletters. You don’t have to recover postal costs, calling costs, printing and advertising costs.

To run a successful email marketing campaign, you only require a good service provider and an exclusive email marketing platform that is really experienced in the formulation of equitable copy with appropriate


What Email Marketing is all About

Email marketing is a direct digital marketing method used to advertise products and services via email. It assists you in getting new customers, increasing sales, and improving brand awareness.

Email marketing has developed quickly in the past few years, and it is still growing as an easy, less expensive and the most effective communication technique. Use it to communicate and build relationships with your existing and prospective customers via email.

An email inbox is an important part of communications and notifications, because


The money is in the list – How to build your list fast

You must have heard of the famous saying, “the money is in the list”.

Most, if not all successful internet marketers have a mailing list. Email marketing is considered one of the best ways of promoting a product or service and making money online. Below are some of the main reasons why it is important to build a list of prospects.

1. Get to the Right People

It is no longer just important to drive hordes of traffic to your website; the most important form of traffic is targeted or relevant traffic. This means that you want specific people to form the majority of your website’s visitors. If you have an affiliate site, then you want people who need the […]

¿Qué necesito para tener mi blog o web propio?

Si solo quieres un blog sin más complicaciones, lo más sencillo es crearte uno gratis en wordpress.com o blogger.com. Pero ten en cuenta, que los editores (tamaños y colores de fuentes etc.) y los diseños tienen bastantes limitaciones, y además no puedes ampliar la funcionalidad ofrecida, por ejemplo añadir un formulario de contacto.

Si quieres más independencia necesitas crearte un sitio web o blog, y ello tiene tres partes principales; Es mejor contratar los dominios (.es y .com) en un sitio y el hospedaje en otro, por ello te recomiendo:

Yo registro mis dominios en http://www.piensasolutions.com. Creo que es la marca blanca de Arsys, pero por mucho menos, pero a cambio ofrecen servicio de soporte por teléfono, pero para decir […]

Why you must start doing Internet Marketing for your business TODAY?

Internet Business

Internet Business

Internet Marketing is an important marketing tool with eye-catching features that allows businesses to communicate directly to their targeted customers by using technology. Within the coming few years, thousands of more people will be hooked up with the internet to search for what they need.

This marketing strategy helps small and medium sized businesses reach across the globe with their products and services. The ROI of Internet marketing is far more than traditional marketing tactics.

Here I am going to show you some amazing benefits that will help you to know why you should opt for Internet Marketing –

Amazing Benefits: Cost Effective:

Internet Marketing allows you to promote your […]