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Rick Warren: A life of purpose

Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life, reflects on his own crisis of purpose in the wake of his book’s wild success. He explains his belief that God’s intention is for each of us to use our talents and influence to do good.

“What do you have that you’ve been given…What are you doing with what you have been given…. That to me is what Purpose driven is all about.”

Good Email Marketing Practices That Increase Your Subscriber Base

Technology is changing rapidly. People have started to appreciate the use of emails as a marketing strategy for their goods and services. Nowadays, if you have a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can easily access your email account. However, this can only be made possible if your devices are connected to the internet. Businesspersons are going an extra mile of using emails to market their goods and services. This is the reason you should know good email marketing ideas so that you can increase your subscriber base. The more subscribers you have, the more the customers. The following are good email marketing ideas that will go a long way in increasing your subscriber base

Email Marketing Ideas That Produce Results You Love

We all receive emails, which we mark as spam, ignore, or immediately delete. Possibly, your email marketing is receiving the same kind of response. You perhaps are not being able to grab the attention of your audience. May be your subject lines are not that interesting to lure your audience into reading the complete mail. However, the fact is, email marketing is very important, as it can help strengthen your relation with your clients, and thus be very beneficial for your business. So, to help you grow and be successful we shall now learn some email marketing ideas that produce results you love.

Is Email Marketing The Right Choice For Your Business?

Just because other business are successfully using Email marketing as one of their marketing technique for their business does not mean that this is the right technique for you. Every business is unique based on client and product base and this means that a marketing technique that suits another business is likely to flop on your business. Before deciding whether Email marketing is a right approach for your business, it is important to look at specific features of your business that will help you determine if it will suit your business or not.

Here are ways of determining if Email marketing is the right choice for your business:

Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing channels that you can use in your online marketing strategy. One of the biggest misunderstandings is that we assume because we are on email all day long (from our desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets) this makes us professional email marketers. All marketers make mistakes from time to…

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Email Marketing Tips The Pros Don’T Want You To Know

You are probably aware that email marketing is not only a lucrative business but a venture that is marred with its ups and downs. Statistics show that there are approximately 2.5billion email users all over the world. Marketers with apt business skills know that this presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is to catch the attention of this high number of users. On the other hand, the opportunity here is that you can convert these users into profitable leads for your business.

How To Market Effectively Without Becoming Spam

The best way to effectively carry out marketing without becoming a spam is through Email-marketing. Email marketing is a very popular practice and technique that can be used to advertise your business to prospective customers. Apart from using email for marketing, you can also use it to engage customers by making your emails as personal as you can. If you use this strategy correctly, you will develop a good relationship with your customers and get their interests. In this article we have outlined the various ways on how to market effectively without becoming a spam.

5 Tips For Successful Email Marketing For Small Businesses

As the owner of a small business, it is extremely important to keep in touch with your clients. Email marketing is a great way to maintain a good relation with your customers and to build your business. Consider the following tips for successful email marketing:

6 top Tricks and Secrets for Successful Email Marketing

When done correctly, email marketing will always bring forth incredible results. Perhaps what most people fail to understand is that getting yourself more educated on email marketing techniques is certainly how you achieve tremendous success in your email marketing campaign. Of course we all wish for success and so mastering email marketing techniques with these…

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Email Marketing – A Road Map & References

Targeting is Crucial

It’s much more important to have a highly targeted list than it is to have a massive list. In fact, if you’re paying for subscribers then you want to actively discourage people from signing up unless they are: interested in your niche, willing to spend money online, engaged and committed to your brand.

How to Sell Through Your Mailing List

You’ve done a ton of work at this point, but as yet you still haven’t earned any money!

Don’t worry: this is where the selling comes in and that’s how you’re going to monetize your list and make a profit from it.

But you haven’t been wasting your time with all of that targeting and value – this is exactly how you’ll have built up the trust and the authority for your brand so that you can be effective in your selling going forward.