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What Is Internet Marketing?

What Is Internet Marketing?

When you promote products or services over the internet, you are engaged in internet marketing. This also includes electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) and digital customer data management. Both are an important part of business today.

The internet has truly revolutionized the way business is done. Marketing using this medium means businesses can reach a wider and even global audience without having to spend as much. It is these advantages that lure more businesses to conduct internet marketing strategies. In fact, it is an important component in a company’s overall business model.

There are plenty of methods that come under the broader category of internet marketing. However, all of these are designed to do one thing […]

Which Social Media Sites Should I Join?


Don’t have a Facebook page? You’re not totally alone, but if for some reason you don’t yet have a Facebook page, you’re not taking advantage of a very important marketing opportunity. Some people think of social sites for young people to chat, but it’s much, much more. Facebook can be a strong marketing tool and it reaches a world-wide audience. It’s also really easy even for beginners who may be “technologically challenged” to use.

Your Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is where you can grow your business. It can help you build your brand and establish relationships with potential customers. It is free to set up, and can be done quickly. The basic steps of setting up a page […]

Planting-The-Seeds 4 – Create valuable eBooks to sell or giveaway

Create valuable eBooks to sell or giveaway


Creating your own information products is a great way to get passive income and traffic. You create it once and get paid over and over for the one time effort you put into it.

Selling informational products really comes down to marketing. From the topic, to how you plan to sell it depends on what people want to buy willing to pay for.

The great thing about ebooks is that they don’t have to be as long as regular books. People will often buy ebooks that are anywhere from 10-50 pages if they solve a problem that people want the solution to.

You’re probably thinking, “Why will people pay for something they […]

Planting-The-Seeds 3 – Systemize Record and document your processes

Systemize—Record and document your processes


No two organizations are exactly the same. Your method of working is what makes you different from your competitors and makes you stand out as unique. Often times, business methods are brought into the business by people they hire. Whatever has worked for them in the past is what’s done. That’s all well and good when it works, but it can be difficult at times to explain your secret formula to a new employee.

Trying to figure out how something was supposed to work after it has gone wrong isn’t the way it should work. If you have a well thought out plan and document your strategies, it will be easy for employees to […]

Planting-The-Seeds 2 – Post valuable, keyword-targeted content to your blog

Post valuable, keyword-targeted content to your blog

It is obvious that anything you post to your blog should be valuable. Readers simply won’t want to read it otherwise. Here the phrase, “Think before you speak” applies. In other words, “Think before you blog.” Think of important, valuable information you can pass on to your reader, and provide it in a way that will entice them and make them want to return to read what you have to say next.

The second part of this seed is a bit more complicated. You can have the most valuable content on the internet, but if no one ever sees it, it isn’t doing you any good. In order to make sure that they […]

Release The Inner Entrepreneur In You 4 – Manage like an entrepreneur

Manage like an entrepreneur Delegate tasks effectively

As the owner, it is not necessary for you to do everything. You can delegate difficult tasks (ex. Managerial tasks) to other people. This will allow you to do more things (ex. Focus on planning for your business’ growth). But delegation is a two-edged sword. If done correctly, it can do your business good. If done wrongly, it can be the downfall of your business. Make sure that you delegate tasks to the right people. Also, make sure that tasks are properly sorted among your employees. Make sure everyone knows their boundaries. This will avoid confusion as well.

Learn how to micro-manage your team

Although you are delegating tasks, your input […]

Release The Inner Entrepreneur In You 3 – Plan like an entrepreneur

Plan like an entrepreneur Do not jump into anything without doing a study

A real entrepreneur does not decide the possible profitability of a business venture by ‘hunch’ alone. Yes, the best entrepreneurs have the best ‘hunches’. But even so, they make sure that their business idea undergoes thorough feasibility study first. A feasibility study serves many purposes. But first and foremost, it tells the entrepreneur if a business idea is likely to ‘fail’ or succeed’. A feasibility study also allows an entrepreneur to assume possible difficulties and possible solutions to problems. You can hire a professional to conduct a feasibility study for you if you are not familiar with the procedures.


Know the demography of your target customers […]

Release The Inner Entrepreneur In You 2 – Think like an entrepreneur

Think like an entrepreneur


Have a keen eye for opportunities

Successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common – they have a keen eye for opportunity. When an entrepreneur looks at the world, he sees it differently. He sees ‘business opportunities’. For example, when a subdivision has no supermarket nearby, a normal person complains. But an entrepreneur sees profit – an opportunity to open a profitable convenient store. Keep your eyes open for such opportunities and have the courage to grab it.

Practice careful optimism

Be optimistic. This means that you should have a positive outlook. A positive thinking brings forth many possibilities. However, optimism can lead to problems if misused. Do not let your ‘optimism’ blind you from seeing […]

The Content Creation Handbook 3 – Web Article Tips



Answer the questions: who, why, where, when, what and how. If you answer these questions, you are half way to writing a good article. You’ve no doubt read newspaper articles. Journalists always use this type of format. Practice reading news articles and identifying these six things. You’ll see how journalists use them to create quality content for their newspaper. Then write your article in a similar fashion answering these questions. Check grammar and spelling as you go and when you have finished the article. Nothing shows lack of professionalism more than an article full of misspelled words and poor grammar. Be sure to check for homonyms that spell check won’t correct like: they’re, their, there—to, two, […]

The Content Creation Handbook 2 – Step In Writing Process


Before you begin writing anything, it is important to understand the writing process. Writing is more than just putting words on paper. It takes thought and planning to produce quality content, and having quality content is more than important…it’s imperative! Never has the phrase, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right,” more important than when preparing content for your site.

When you prepare to write an article, series of articles, blog posts, or even a script for a video for your site, ask yourself what you are going to write about and in what way are you going to talk about the topic. Think about the final use of the article and tailor the article to […]