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Preview of Brendon Burchard’s “THE MOTIVATION MANIFESTO”

Brendon Burchard’s “THE MOTIVATION MANIFESTO” – 9   Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power – will be published officially on October 28, 2014, but I got hold of an excerpt that I’d like to share with my readers.

I’m a fan of Brendon and got his three books (Life’s Golden Ticket”, “The Millionaire Messenger” and “The Charge”, two of his advanced training programs (“Experts Academy” and “High Performance Academy”). I can only very warmly recommend his work. Brendon always delivers outstanding quality.

Before we get started, lets first…MEET THE AUTHOR

Brendon Burchard - THE MOTIVATION MANIFESTO - The Author PhotoB R E N D O N    B U R C H A R D is one of the most widely followed personal development trainers of our time. He is a #1 New York Times bestselling author whose books include Life’s Golden Ticket, The Millionaire Messenger, and The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive.

After surviving a car accident at the age of 19, Brendon received what he calls “life’s golden ticket”: a second chance. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping others find their charge and share their voice with the world.

Brendon’s efforts have inspired hundreds of millions of people around the globe. He is one of the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures on Facebook (more than 1,900.000 fans); his weekly YouTube show is the most viewed direct-to-camera personal development series in the history of the site; his motivational podcast, The Charged Life, debuted at #1 on iTunes across all categories in the United States and multiple countries; and his blog posts rank as many of the most liked and shared in the modern history of the motivation. Larry King calls him “one of the top motivation and marketing trainers in the world.”

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SEO for Startups in less than 10 Minutes + Google’s Tag Verification Tool

I thought I share this video from Google, as it gives an overview of their main tools and additional SEO considerations .

Google’s Tag Verification Tool comes handy too

Charge Your Performance – B. Burchard Gives his new Book away for FREE!… WHY???

BrendonBurchard-TheCharge-FREE.jpgThe author of the New York Times bestselling Book “The Millionaire Messenger”is now releasing his new Book, The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive.

To celebrate this launch, Brendon Burchard is giving away a limited number of hard-cover copies and includes even the following two gifts:

1) Three in-depth and invaluable training videos on how high-performing millionaires maintain their internal charge and energy, manage their time, influence others, and achieve more.

In this free 3-part video training series, #1 New York Times bestselling author reveals “6 High Performance Secrets of Multi-Millionaires.”

Those videos are part of the High Performance Academy, where Brendon  teaches advanced achievement principles and strategies about mastering one’s mind, energizing the body and brain, becoming wildly more productive, and influencing more people quickly and easily.

Attendees had paid $997 for the life event, and this a unique opportunity receive the “High Performance Academy: The Charge Edition Online” for $197.00 only.

We knew that there must be some hidden agenda behind Brendon’s generous offering, didn’t we? ;-)

Well, I must admit that I’m a Brendon Burchard fan. I have all his books and purchased also the Experts Academy Elite Coaching.  So it’s no wonder that I requested the book and purchased the recordings. It’s an incredible bargain, for such outstanding content, and at the same time master class example on presenting on stage. In case you don’t believe me, here is my invoice)

If you are interested in getting access to the online recordings of the latest four-day seminar can do it after requesting the free copy of “The Charge” here.

So here comes my deal.. To SAVE a 25% of any purchase related to this (free) Book and High Performance Academy launch please visit my reviewIn short, I share with you HALF of my affiliate commissions. So for the recordings I would send you $50, once I get paid by Brendon.

2) The other free gift Brandon offers is …The Charge Life Assessment which will help its readers to zero in on their areas of passion and competence and design a challenge plan that will help them reach their dream life faster.

Following quotes of other famous authors that had the privilege to read a preview copy of “The Charge”:

“The Charge is an inspiring guide to the one thing we all want: more life in our lives. Brendon Burchard proves that we can harness our emotional drives to feel more alive, and that it’s our internal charge that helps us meet life’s challenges with joy and courage. I love this book.”Paulo Coelho, New York Times best-selling author of The Alchemist

“There hasn’t been a game-changing book on personal development in a long time. The wait is over. The Charge confronts our very notions of what drives us as humans, and it brilliantly illuminates the path for how you can feel more alive, productive, and fulfilled. After reading this book you’ll find a new internal charge that’s stronger and more energized than you ever imagined possible.” –Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of The Success Principles

Every once in a while you read a book that completely changes how you think about your life, igniting within you a new internal drive to be more, do more, and give more. This is that kind of book.” –David Bach, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich

The Charge will change your life. Our brains are hard wired to meet specific human drives, and learning to harness and activate those drives is the secret to success and happiness. This is a smart and beautifully written book, and it will electrify your life. Get this book!” --Daniel G. Amen, MD, New York Times best-selling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

I look for authenticity and proof when I learn from someone, and I can share that Brendon Burchard is one of the most engaged, energetic, and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met. I’ve always wanted to know how he developed such a remarkably strong internal charge. This book reveals his secrets. If you too want to perform at higher levels of joy, engagement, and productivity–buy this book. It’s a must-read for any serious student of success and high performance.”Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS magazine and New York Times best-selling author of The Compound Effect

There are only a limited number of free hard-cover copies available and any interested person may request the free copy of “The Charge” here., but hurry, before it’s too late!

 (Note: The only payment required for receiving the Book and the free online training videos is to participate in the handling and shipping costs, which is only $6.97, for ANY part in the world!)

In case you don’t know Brendon, here comes a short “About Brendon Burchard”

Brendon Burchard is truly an inspiration for a lot of people. For years he has mastered the art of communicating. This is attested by thousands of people who have listened to or attended his seminars and courses.

Brendon is the founder of the “Experts Academy”, which is already in its third edition. In his online elite coaching program and seminars Brendon teaches how to become recognized as and be paid as an expert .He is teaching how to become a successful, whether you want to be an author, speaker, coach, presenter or marketer.

Brendon is also the author of the New York Times bestselling Book “The Millionaire Messenger” and his first book was titled “Life’s Golden Ticket” (Every time one purchases his book called Life’s Golden Ticket, he donates a portion of the sale to YMCA, Kiwanis International and Junior Achievement.)

Here is a list of what Brendon Burchard has accomplished in the past 12 months:

  1. Wrote and released the #1 New York Times best seller “The Millionaire Messenger”.
  2. Wrote and released The Charge (I predict it will also be a best seller)
  3. Did two major product launches (almost $10MM in sales).
  4. Toured four continents.
  5. Created and filmed TWO PBS TV specials.
  6. Gave NINE live seminars.
  7. Created and ran a successful OFFLINE business with his wife which made over $200K in profit – the first year. (Not related to “marketing”.)
  8. Took FOURTEEN WEEKS off for vacation.

Any “normal” person may be wondering, how he has been able to do all that?,.. and in his new book, The Charge, Brendon reveals exactly how he charges his productivity.

Still reading? I can’t believe it…” There are only a limited number of free hard-cover copies available, and you are still reading? I appreciate very much your attention, but you may want to first request your “The Charge” copy here ASAP.

And remember, you can SAVE a 25% on any purchase related to this (free) Book and High Performance Academy launch.

In case you are wondering what all this free stuff is leading up to,…guess, what…yes,… your right! Brendon is launching his new Elite coaching program and Seminar, “High Performance Academy”, which is in the upper price range; but I won’t reveal it all, you will see…

Enjoy, and my very best wishes,
Andre Klein
Andre W. Klein

P.S. In case you are not interested in the book, but would like to see the 3 free videos, you can find the first one here.

The Charge - Video 1

You will have to sign up, because almost nothing is really for free in this world, but I have seen it already and it’s”top notch”!

P.P.S.I have been in IM for more than 6 years now, and I think that I’m capable of distinguishing the very good from the good, poor and bad, as well as the overpriced (like Frank Kern’s List Control or Mass Control, which I purchased both) from real value. So, if you would like to super charge your performance,why not get the free Book?

25% OFF! Experts Academy Review and Bonus


Transcript of the above video

This is Andre Klein with some news that I MUST share with you. Two years ago I purchased a program that teaches how to position yourself and EARN like an expert.

I must admit that I’m guilty of not putting a lot of it into practice, but the quality was outstanding. I’m not complaining. I am quite ok with my progress, but for sure I would be much better if I had followed more of the advice given.

This “Expert Academy Elite Program” is now going into its third edition, and as always, Brendon Burchard is giving away no hype, pure content training videos during his pre-launch.

Well, the last video will have the sales pitch, but Brendon usually gains the visitor’s respect and recognition by providing previously a series of cutting edge videos that you don’t want to miss!

So, even if you don’t get is program (it’s on the high-end price scale, although he won’t tell until the very last video), watch at least the pre-launch videos, and implement one, only ONE of the strategies he will teach you. 

I am passionate about helping others and Brendon helps in turning my dreams into reality. What is your dream? Give Brendon a chance to touch your life. The “Expert Academy Elite Program” and “Expert Academy Life” event are outstanding,  and you will meet a community of people who will change your life forever. It is truly a path that would lead me to achieving my dreams, goals and desires.

One of my MAIN resolutions for 2012 is to go again through my this “evergreen” Experts Academy training and pick 2 new strategies that I will pursue and implement.  Let’s see, if I fulfill my resolutions this year, or at least the important ones J. Maybe you can do better than me?

Here’s What You May Have Missed So Far…

10 Essentials For Expert Empires

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Experts Academy Review – CONTENT

  1. Experts Academy Introduction
  2. What is the Experts Academy all about?
  3. Experts Academy Testimonials
  4. Who is Brendon Burchard?
  5. My Experts Academy Bonus

Experts Academy Review – Introduction

I am sure you have heard a lot of stories about people fulfilling their dreams  and making money out of it. How do you become an expert in your chosen field? Let Brendon Burchard guide you with his Experts Academy System in knowing your talent and packaging it for the world to see.

There is no other story that can touch your heart except the true to life tale of Brendon Burchard. Know more about this smart guy and learn his strategies on becoming an expert. It  is about to live out your dreams and do what you really want with Experts Academy.

In any case, I would never recommend any product, unless I either use it myself or know it very well. In other words, if I wouldn’t recommend it to my best friend, I won’t suggest it to you either.


What is the Experts Academy all about? A brief review

Imagine a package that will teach you on how to become an expert. Learn from Brendon Burchard – the smart guy who has built his own reputation to become the best in his field. He is revealing the secrets on how to become a successful whether you want to be an author, speaker, coach, presenter or marketer.  This is your chance to boost your profits and become who you want to be. With just a few weeks of applying his strategies in your life, you can see the impact. The knowledge of Brendon Burchard is worth your attention if you want to become an expert in your industry.

Do you want to make millions from being an author, coach, speaker, facilitator or internet marketer? Be a high paid expert in just a few months with the help of Experts Academy. In this program you will learn how experts and gurus gain money just from scratch. You will also learn the 11 P’s making your name synonymous to the word high paid guru. Learn also the four things that you need to do to make it in the industry. Discover also the expert strategies that make you million dollars in just one year.

Tens of Thousands of people are benefiting from the freebie videos that Brendon is giving away, but little did they know that there are more, very advanced strategies and tools. This is said to be the most comprehensive training that you could ever joined. Aside from helping others by giving advice and knowledge, you can also make money by doing so. This is what Experts Academy is all about. Lots of Brendon’s clients end up as bestselling authors, presenting on highly paid speaking engagements, sold out seminar slots, with a fully booked coaching schedule and million dollar sales from the internet.

In the present time when people are searching for the best advice, you should take advantage of it. Become an expert on your topic of interest. Touch other people’s lives and earn money while you help them.

An Experts Academy Review of what you get, snce you have enrolled in the Experts Academy Training program; here are the things that you will get, at least:


10 Essentials For A Multi-Million Expert Empire

Experts Academy DVD Home Study System is 20-piece training set which is ideal for authors, coaches, seminar leaders, speakers and online marketers who have done everything and wants more. Aside from DVDs, it also includes transcripts, resources, marketing campaigns and videos from those who are successful in the industry. They will share with you their secrets on how they have created their empires.

Experts Academy Marketing Mastery Modules are a set fo online video modules for one month that gives details on money making marketing campaigns. Every week subscribers will receive videos of campaigns that have earned millions. The campaigns are outlined and can be applied to real world setting.

Experts Academy Promotional Partnership is one month online crash course that that will teach people on how to capture the interest of big corporations, large organizations, non-profit groups and a lot more to your business. This is once in a lifetime opportunity for those who want to learn the secrets when targeting group of people.

Two tickets to attend the Experts Academy LIVE! This is a gathering of hundreds of people from various countries to attend the phenomenal event. The tuition fee is almost $5,000 but if you avail of this package then you can get it for free. This exciting offer is truly a come on for a lot of people.

Brendon’s Expert Academy bonuses like:

  • Ask Anything Forum with Brendon Burchard (priceless!!)
  • T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of a Millionaire Mind, on HOW He Built His Empire
  • Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine, on Succeeding in Life & Business
  • Mike Koenigs, Founder of Traffic Geyser, on Video Marketing for Experts
  • $10,000 Marketing Strategy
  • Session Bonus Slides from Experts Academy Life event


Experts Academy Reviews  & Testimonials

Who can give us a better about the Expert Academy that REAL users. Let’s listen to their testimonials, and specifically to what Frank Kern has to say…

Following some of the Expert Academy Testimonial highlights:

Frank Kern – His materials are excellent and I think they will be an extreme benefit and value to the people you send to him. Not only the stuff he sells but also the stuff that he gives away for free on his pre-launch….He is a really good guy. He is real deal. His stuff is awesome. It will help people.

Brain Tracy – If you get a chance to be exposed to Brendon. Exposed to his ideas on how he can help you and your business just run don’t walk.

Dr. Daniel Amen – I wish I had this information twenty years ago. It would have put my business and myself as an expert in hyper speed. … I am sending my wife, my son in law, people from my company to his academy because I know it will help them personally and it will help our business. 

Tony Robbins – He is young man with a giant heart total commitment absolute sincerity and a giant heart and smarter than hell.

Kurt Nap – I had a unique experience this weekend. It’s absolutely unique and I want you to understand that I have an authority and I know what I am talking about. Brendan Burchard is without a doubt the absolute best when it comes to delivering content. … You got to attend this event. If results mean anything to you, go to this event.

Nah Dir Aljahid  – Extremely excited here at Experts Academy. No I don’t want to say this event or that event will really change your life, however this event from Brendon Burchard, this is not only a life changing event, it’s a propelling event.

Pat Mussieux – I never really heard about Brendan before I came here. I will say to you that this content has exceeded far beyond my expectations.


You may read the full transcripts on the Expert Academy Testimonials videos page…


And even more Testimonials

Following some of the Expert Academy Testimonial highlights

Andrew Griffiths - I got to stay it is without a doubt the best four days I have ever spent. … The value you going to get will be in my opinion a hundred times cost of the seminar. 

Christian - Six months ago I enrolled in Brendan’s online course on Experts Academy and since applying his strategies within a month I was able to make $60,000 which previously I struggled for six years.

Dr. Susan Bernstein – I have to say I had a huge success that came out of it because of two things that Brendon taught. One is about using frameworks and the other is about telling my own personal story that helped me to get my own radio show.


You may read the full transcripts on the Expert Academy Testimonials videos page…

Who is Brendon Burchard – A short review?

Brendon Burchard On StageBrendon Burchard is truly an inspiration for a lot of people. His brainchild Expert Academy has become popular since its inception. He captured the attention of a lot of people by telling his story that is truly inspiring. For years he has mastered the art of communicating. This is attested by thousands of people who have listened to or attended his seminars and courses.

Brendon Burchard is special due to the fact that he received a second chance in life. Not everyone is given this opportunity. In fact he created a book entitled Life’s Golden Ticket. More than a decade ago he survived a fatal car accident that almost caused his life. After recovering, he dedicated his time to help other people in developing themselves to become better.

Brendon grew up in Montana but now lives in northern California. Today he is known to be a life coach, leadership speaker and management consultant. He has dealt with various people from all walks of life. Thousands of people attend his seminars. He has also becomes a public figure because of his appearance on television and radio shows. He is also a volunteer at several non-profit organizations.

Every time one purchases his book called Life’s Golden Ticket, he donates a portion of the sale to YMCA, Kiwanis International and Junior Achievement.

Before writing his renowned book and becoming a life coach and speaker, Brendon was a management consultant at Accenture. His first book entitled The Student Leadership Guidewas also a success. Apart of Experts Academy Life, ongoing events of Brendon that are really worth attending include Life’s Golden Ticket seminars, his College Success Bootcamp, and 10xNYC LIVE, among others.

It is said that Expert Academy is considered to the most recognized projects. It is a course that teaches one to share his or her story and message at the same time become a well paid expert. Aside from this project, he has collaborated with Paula Abdul and Tony Robbins in creating life changing courses. Based on his videos and books, it can be said that he is truly a genius. Currently his latest book called The Millionaire Messenger has become New York Times Bestselling book.

Here is Frank Kern’s review about Brendon Burchard and the Experts Academy:

If there was any ONE person that I had to chose as being the overall “best” right now, it would be Brendon, hands down.

The reason why is because in the last 12 months alone, he’s written a New York Times bestseller, released three new products (over $1MM each), founded an Industry Association, hung out with two US presidents, been to like four continents or something, gotten his own PBS Special, wrecked an ATV and got a brain injury …didn’t even get slowed down by that …and brought in TEN MILLION DOLLARS in the process.

So in my opinion, that makes him pretty  damn qualified to advise us BOTH.

(As an aside, I routinely seek out Brendon’s advice. And I implement it. In fact, I’ll be in a major magazine this summer as a direct result of what he taught me.)

Anyway – highest possible endorsement.


And now Jeff Walker’s review about Brendon Burchard and the Experts Academy:

I remember the first time I met someone who had a million dollar online business… I was in line at the lunch buffet at my first Internet Marketing conference. It was 2001.

This guy looked completely average. He didn’t show any outward signs of superpowers. But I figured he must have some kind of special powers. Turns out I was wrong.

At the time, I had a successful business. I was doing over six figures a year. By most measures I had a successful business – especially since this was back in 2001.

But this guy obviously thought about business a little differently than I did. Because the idea that someone could make a million dollars a year seemed almost absurd to me.

So I did the same thing YOU would do… I asked him question after question about his business as we moved through the buffet line.

Then I sat next to him at lunch and continued to soak up everything he had to say about his business… because million dollar lessons don’t come around every day.

Which is why this link is so important… because it’s full of TEN MILLION dollar lessons: CLICK HERE: $10 million lessons

Go ahead and click on that link… it’s a free video that will literally give the lessons, the strategies, and the tactics learned from building a $10 million dollar Internet business in record time.

This is the type of business that YOU can have – an “experts” business, where you get paid for sharing advice, experience, and life wisdom.

Will you hit $10MM a year in sales like Brendon did? It’s very, very unlikely. But this isn’t about getting rich… it’s about building a real, sustainable business that makes real profits. All while you’re helping other people.

That’s a magic formula. And it’s completely doable.  Go here to watch the video: CLICK HERE: $10 million lessons

Grab the opportunity to meet Brendon Burchard. This could be your much awaited life’s golden ticket.


My Experts Academy Bonus

My Experts Academy Bonus is very simple…

You get 25% of your payment back from me.

Just send me your receipt to akleines @, but make sure you purchase  Experts Academy through trough one of my links above or this one here…

I just got access to the full Experts Academy  content… See for yourself:

Experts Academy Elite Coaching Program
Priority Registration Form

A Note from Brendon: “I’m looking forward to teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to start from scratch and become a highly-paid expert as an author, speaker, seminar leader, coach, and online marketer! This program will teach you step-by-step how to position, package and promote yourself as a highly-paid expert starting immediately. Help others with your advice and build a career doing it. Experts Academy Elite Coaching Program will show you how. Guaranteed.”– Brendon

Read Your 10-Point Program Overview, Then Register Below Before We Close!

  1. YES, I understand that spaces are limited so it’s important that I act now before registration closes for 2012! (Please note we sell out FAST every time we open).
  2. YES, please immediately send me my Experts Academy DVD Home Study System. I understand this comprehensive 20-disc DVD program includes Brendon Burchard’s secret step-by-step strategies, checklists and millionaire expert resources for authors, speakers, seminar leaders, coaches, and online information marketers. I also want to see the advanced and never before released trainings from Brendon’s guru guests, including the highest-paid and most successful experts of all time in the author, speaker, coach, seminar leader, and online marketing industries.
  3. YES, please include the Experts Academy Resource Materials. I understand the DVD Home Study System ALSO features Brendon’s famous resources like his $500,000 book proposals; $25,000 speaking promotion campaigns; $5000 seminar sales pages; $25,000 coaching contracts and assessments; and million-dollar online campaigns and membership examples. I understand that I can model these resources and get started TODAY!
  4. BONUS #1: MARKETING MASTERY MODULES. (Valued at $4,997). This incredible marketing training includes five (5) awesome modules that will help me choose and dominate my topic and target audience through intelligent and effective marketing in EACH area I can get paid in: writing, speaking, coaching, seminars, and online marketing.
  5. BONUS #2: $10,000 MARKETING STRATEGY PLANNING SESSION. (Valued at $10,000). Upon registration, I will get immediate access to my online Member’s Area, where I will be able to view Brendon’s famous “Marketing Strategy Planning Session” he did for his $10,000 clients on how to strategize effective marketing campaigns.
  6. 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I understand I can TEST this system out! If I receive the DVDs and online access to the Members Area and I’m not 100% satisfied, then I can have a refund as long as I request the refund and return the entire DVD Home Study System within 30 days of my order. I understand I must notify Brendon within 30 days if I want a refund because there are no refunds after 30 days and, besides, we begin the crash course below then and I want in!
  7. BONUS #3: PROMOTIONAL PARTNERSHIP CRASH COURSE! (Valued at $4,997). After I have been in the program beyond 30 days, I will receive another FREE 5-week online course valued at $4997 on how to create promotional partners for my message and business! I want those JVs, affiliates, nonprofits, and corporations to promote me!
  8. BONUS #4: TWO (2) FREE TICKETS TO EXPERTS ACADEMY LIVE! (Valued at $9,994). I am excited to receive TWO FREE tickets to Experts Academy LIVE! I can choose to attend either the May 3-6th, 2012 event, or the September 6-9th (you can only choose one), both held in Santa Clara, California. I understand that I can use my tickets or give them to someone else who might benefit. I will be able to claim my tickets after being in this program for a full 30 days.
  9. BONUS #5: 12-MONTH ACCESS TO “ASK BRENDON ANYTHING FORUM.” (Valued at $30,000 level access). I’m excited to get access to Brendon’s secret and private blog where I can ask Brendon ANY questions I have about my new expert career anytime for 12 full months after I register! This is PRICELESS – you ask Brendon anything, and hepersonally responds on the blog every single week for an entire year!
    From Brendon:
     “I didn’t announce this in the video. I just wanted to begin our relationship surprising you and overdelivering with value. So, the ENTIRE Experts Academy DVD Home Study System, which will be immediately shipped to you upon ordering, has ALSO been uploaded online into your online Members Area. You get to access it all RIGHT NOW when you order! Surprise!”
    From Brendon:
     “I have the most extensive footage in the world of LEGENDARY experts and gurus talking about HOW they built their brands and shared their message with millions. For the first time ever, I’m giving you access. In the bonus tab of your online Members Area, you’ll find all NEW world exclusive video of these legends revealing — often for the first time ever in public — how they did it and how you can, too: Wayne Dyer, David Bach, Dean Graziosi, Brian Tracy, Daniel Amen, T Harv Eker, Frank Kern, and Jeff Walker. Let the legends clear the path for you. These recordings are worth the registration alone! You get to access it all RIGHT NOW when you register below! Enjoy!”– Brendon


25% OFF! Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy – Review & Bonus

Andre W. Klein’s
High Performance Academy REVIEW
& High Performance Academy BONUS

Latest news! What will you get with Brendon Burchards High Performance Academy?

The main offer is the “High Performance Academy 5-Week Online Master’s Course and Coaching Program.” This is all-new, never-been-released advanced training is arguably the world’s most comprehensive personal achievement and social influence program. It includes 5 modules of video training, released one module per week in our online member’s area, with a LIVE group coaching call with me at the end of each week.

The modules are focused on training advanced concepts in psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion that will help people reach their highest levels of personal achievement and social influence.

  1. BONUS #1: HIGH PERFORMANCE ACADEMY’S DVD CORE COURSE ($997 Value). Never-been-released core training on the how multi-millionaires and the most accomplished people in the world think, act, and influence.
  2. BONUS #2: FREE 12 MONTHS OF HIGH PERFORMANCE MONTHLY TRAINING ($804 Value). Monthly training following the 5-week Master’s course.
    LAST MINUTE NOTE!… In case you are late or ONLY would like to go the the 3-days HPA LIVE event, I am reselling my TWO entries  for $400 each. Outside this launch they go for $997 each!
     Simply email your request to akleines2 [AT] First come first served ;) You can see below that I DID purchase my own copy, but I live in Spain and won’t go to the US.
  4. BONUS #4: $5,000 value – Business Accelerator Crash Course
  5. BONUS #5: $5,000 value – INFLUENCE course on advanced sales, negotiation and leadership
  6. BONUS #6: Invaluable – 12-month Ask Brendon Anything Forum (message Brendon anytime in the online member’s area)

ONLY $997! or 3 x $399


Save a 25%  or $250!!

If you like my review and get your access to Brendon’s  High Performance Academy from the link below, I will give you my special High Performance Academy bonus, sharing with you half of my commissions!

Start watching his FREE videos…

Grab my High Performance Academy Bonus

Sign up HERE for the

High Perfomanc Academy and…

I will give you a 25%
of what you have paid for it!

Isn’t this bonus a fair deal?
Simply email me with your receipt to
akleines2 [AT] 


André W. Klein

I will add also a surprise bonus, but I can’t tell you about it here. To give you a hint…It had cost me $997 and gave me access to BB’s affiliate group…

I got my copy already! and here comes the proof…


The following is taken from the High Performance Academy OFFICIAL SITE. Continue reading 25% OFF! Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy – Review & Bonus