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Transcription Software Review

The reason why I started doing this transcription software review was really due to my own need in selecting software that helps me accelerating the transcription of videos or audios I have either created myself over from other sources.

There are basically 4 ways of transcribing audio or video with the help of transcription software:

Manual transcription: this is where you use the software to control the speed of the audio in a way that it makes it easy for you to type as you listen. Some software products, like Wreally transcribe also support the use of foot pedals to free up your hands for the most important control functions. Voice recognition transcription: this is similar to manual transcription but […]

How to use PPC as an Internet Marketer

There are many ways to make money online. And the wonderful thing about PPC is that you can use it to make money with each and every one of those ways.

But with PPC you have to be really careful on what you promote. Some PPC Networks like Google AdWords and Facebook don’t like to promote some things, especially directly affiliate offers.

Other Networks like Bing, 7Search are more flexible on this.

PPC has a huge potential for money making. Being an online marketer, PPC will assist you in building powerful marketing strategies to make you succeed.

What we advise you to do is spy on the ads actually running in Google AdWords, and Facebook especially, so you can do […]

Shocking PPC Case Studies


proofreadnowProofreadNOW offers proofreading services to business professionals and marketers across the world. The company was dependent on referrals and PPC to acquire customers but didn’t succeed. The company wanted to generate quality leads successfully and drive new customers to their website.

ProofreadNOW started working with HubSpot to extract information about its audience. They took advantage of landing pages with PPC, a lead nurturing program and Salesforce integration to build a connection with customers and grow leads.

In one year, the results they got were amazing. Organic traffic increased 480%, leads grew by over 660% and it created a blog following of more than 340 subscribers.



The 20 “don’ts” you have to avoid for Successful PPC Campaigns

Using a PPC campaign is paying for results to get more profits. But it can hurt your business very badly if it’s not done in the correct way. Within this chapter, you will come to learn about some critical mistakes that can destroy your campaign.

Single campaign for display and search ads

This is targeting your audience with both display and search networks, but utilizing only one campaign for advertising. It is one of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid to get better results.

These advertising tactics are different from each other, so your potential customer’s response will also be different. Paid search ads need to be abridged, brittle and compelling, while Display ads should be attractive […]

The “do’s” you have to apply for Successful PPC Campaigns

Wondering how to utilize PPC campaigns in your online marketing to succeed? Here, we will talk about the “do’s” that you must apply in your advertising campaign to succeed in the long run.

Track Conversions

Tracking conversions on a regular basis is key for PPC campaigns to assist you in maintaining your business budget. A customer can visit your landing page that is linked with your ad and complete the required actions. These actions can be –

Customer purchase Inquiry form completion Registration and Whitepaper downloads Subscription for newsletter

With tracking, you are able to see if you have an accurate ROI, and which traffic sources are more beneficial.

Set a Sensible Budget

If you want to maximize your PPC […]

The Top PPC Ad Networks and Automation Tools

Businesses spend so much money on advertising. There are many different ways to promote your brand online and Pay-Per-Click is one of the best and most effective methods to generate returns and profits.

PPC ad networks are solid and established approaches that you can use to publish your ads across the web. But, which ad network is most beneficial for you? Here we’ll discuss some ad networks, so you can decide which one is best suited for your business.

Google AdWords

google adwordsGoogle AdWords is one of the best PPC networks. AdWords ads are shown on the top, below, and right side of organic search results when visitors search for the keywords related […]

Why should you definitely use Media Buying for your business?

Amazing Benefits

✓ Measurable, accountable, flexible:

media buyingPPC campaigns enable analytics tools to track advertising at the time of conversion to keep your advertising adequate and productive. With these tracking tools, you can figure out your sales, ROI, brand visibility and quality score.

PPC is also flexible, and it enables you to bid on any keyword to get targeted traffic to your website. You can get the answers to the following questions with a Pay-Per-Click campaign –

What are the most possible keywords users search for to find your website? How many visitors visit your landing page and generate leads for you by filling out a form? How many visitors come […]

What PPC Marketing is all About?


PPC MarketingYou may have perceived that PPC advertisement can be the solution to all of your business needs – but the question is “what is PPC advertisement?”

“PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click” and is also called “cost per click”. It is an online advertising method to promote your products and services on search engines, social media and all around the web to drive direct traffic towards your website.”

In the PPC advertising model, advertisers pay the website publisher with an amount each time the ad is clicked. It is simply described as “the amount which is spent to get a click”. Publishers can employ banner ads, video ads, mobile ads, flash ads […]

Which Social Media Sites Should I Join?


Don’t have a Facebook page? You’re not totally alone, but if for some reason you don’t yet have a Facebook page, you’re not taking advantage of a very important marketing opportunity. Some people think of social sites for young people to chat, but it’s much, much more. Facebook can be a strong marketing tool and it reaches a world-wide audience. It’s also really easy even for beginners who may be “technologically challenged” to use.

Your Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is where you can grow your business. It can help you build your brand and establish relationships with potential customers. It is free to set up, and can be done quickly. The basic steps of setting up a page […]

Create valuable eBooks to sell or giveaway

Creating your own information products is a great way to get passive income and traffic. You create it once and get paid over and over for the one time effort you put into it.

Selling informational products really comes down to marketing. From the topic, to how you plan to sell it depends on what people want to buy willing to pay for.

The great thing about ebooks is that they don’t have to be as long as regular books. People will often buy ebooks that are anywhere from 10-50 pages if they solve a problem that people want the solution to.

You’re probably thinking, “Why will people pay for something they can get free if they search for it […]